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We are about to film a documentary about the storms in Europe and their consequences. It not only talks about the climate and weather but also shows how to behave in a storm, how the cooperation between Stormchaser, meteorologists and blue light organisations works and what civil protection, disaster relief, fire brigades and much more do for the population in terms of precautionary and protective measures as well as clean-up work. The film should not only report about the weather but also show the work of the Stormchaser and all other participants. We also want to mention speeches and historical events with those affected.

We want you!

You want to participate in the film, you are a Stormchaser, you have exciting information, you belong to a fire brigade, weather or disaster control organisation? Then we are looking for you! If you want to participate in the film or in the production, register here!

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161 Days
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30 S

About Us

With our years of experience and our knowledge in the fields of storm chasing (storm and thunderstorm hunting), meteorology (models, synoptics, etc.) and photography, we have made it our task to pass on our knowledge to the people out there and to warn them of imminent storm and natural events. Since we are often asked a lot about the weather and also for help with storm events, we have set up a task force. What began with a great interest in the weather is now a non-profit organization with up to 15 members that records, observes, documents and analyzes the storms.

Our work in and with the organisation "Unwetterbeobachtung CH/EU" is honorary and voluntary. Behind the many observations, documentaries, live streams and warnings there is a lot of passion and commitment. Sometimes we rack our brains for days before the actual thunderstorm, what is coming exactly towards us. Sometimes we are called up by the fire brigade for help.

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